Vintage hair tutorial
February 24, 2007

Posted by BDMHistorian

As many people who've been to my site and my little notepad already know, I'm not just a historian, I'm also a re-enactor. Being both gives you the best of two worlds, really.

As a historian, I can talk about the subject at hand from a historian's point of view and educate people, and as a re-enactor I can gain new insights about clothing and equipment, and other period tidbits. Plus I get to meet lots of other re-enactors who are usually very knowledgeable on their subject matter and learn new things in the process.

Since I'm a female re-enactor, I always get lots of questions from the public and other female re-enactors about how I "get my hair to look like that". Vintage styles can be pretty challenging if you've never done anything with your hair except put it into a ponytail before. And since there don't seem to be any good in-depth tutorials for doing hair, I've created my own.

Click on the preview image below to download the full tutorial. It's illustrated and should make doing a 1940's hairstyle very easy. This is how I do my hair at events. It takes about five minutes, works on almost any hair length and type, doesn't damage the hair, and stays all day.