Blog Move
February 23, 2010

Posted by BDMHistorian

I realize I have not posted to this blog for a very long time, which has partially been due to my being busy and partially been due to my pursuing other historical interests. However, I need to really start returning to the blog and updating it with all those little odds and ends that otherwise go missing, particularly since the main BDM page and the reenactment page are finished and will, very likely, not see any additions in the future.

Unfortunately, my first post after a very long absence has to be a post notifying my readers of the fact that we have had to relocate this Notebook section ("the blog") from the host that hosts our main website to a different host, Blogspot. The reason for this is that the blog is published through a service called Blogger. Prior to now, Blogger has supported uploading of blog posts to servers other than its own through a process called FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Unfortunately, Blogger will no longer support FTP uploads of blogs to other servers beginning at the end of February. We have therefore decided to relocate the blog to Blogger's own host, which is a free service, and make the best of it until we can find a different solution or decide to close the blog down altogether.

The move should not affect any of the blog's posts or links in any way, although it may affect the photos displayed in some of the older posts. If this happens, or if you locate any broken or missing links, please let us know. You can email either myself or Stephan using the links at the top left.