D-Day Conneaut, Ohio - August 19 - 20, 2016 - Author Meet & Greet
July 23, 2016

Public Event - Author Meet and Greet


Friday - August 19, 2016 - Time: 3:00 - 4:00 pm
Power Point Presentation 


Conneaut Public Library
304 Buffalo Street.
Conneaut, Ohio 44030
My display will be set up at the Library for the entire day.

Saturday - August 20, 2016 - Time: 1:00 - 1:45 pm
Book Talk


Conneaut Township Park - Next to PX Tent on the main street
480 Lake Rd.
Conneaut, OH 44030
Entire display will be set up here all day on Saturday

The above date and time is when I will be giving my presentation.

Otherwise, I will be at these locations the entire day. 
Autograph paperback copies of "Through Innocent Eyes" will be available for $25.00. This will include a commemorative stamp and bookmarker.   
About "Through Innocent Eyes - The Chosen Girls of the Hitler Youth" 

Hidden for more than 50 years, a daughter's heritage is revealed when she finds her mother's personal journal from the time she was in the Bund Deutscher Mädel (League of German Girls).

About Country Service Year Camp (Landjahr Lager)

Through the power of camaraderie, the BDM girls in the Country Service Year Camp (Landjahr Lager) program were taught how to build their character in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

The educational curriculum was designed by the Reich’s Ministry of Science, Education and Culture. The focus was to build the girl’s individual potential to become a productive member in society.

Their education went beyond the traditional home economics, sports activities, and child rearing as we have all come to believe. Through a myriad of enriching experiences, these girls developed their interpersonal mental, physical, and spiritual skills. Their challenging assignments included thought provocative discussions, problem-solving activities, and team-building exercises, which ended in their daily prayer.

They contributed to local society by working with the farmers, holding theatrical plays, giving musical performances and organizing festivals for the townspeople.

By the time these girls graduated, they could move onto their chosen vocation from becoming a health service girl to working in agriculture, hospitality, retail, in the office, or assist mothers in home management and childcare. Each girl had an exact understanding of her individual responsibilities and duties to her community. It was a great honor to be chosen for Landjahr Lager.

It will be my honor to personally meet you. This is part of the D-Day Conneaut, Ohio WWII re-enactment and the Conneaut Public Library graciously invited me to give two presentations. I am very honored to be a part of the community.

Watch the book trailer here:

Watch Gertrude's Life Story here:

Bund Deutscher Mädel - A Historical Reserach Page and Online Archive - http://www.bdmhistory.com/

Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/BDMHistorian/

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