March 01, 2017

March 4 - 5, 2017 - WW2 Commemorative Weekend -

Dade Battlefield Historic State Park 

7200 County Road 603
Bushnell, Florida 33513

The Dade Battlefield Society Inc. will be commemorating the most widespread armed conflict in history and celebrating both military and popular civilian culture during the war years.

Grounds Open 10 am ~~ Battle Engagement 2 pm

$3 per Person Entry fee at Gate
Age 6 and under and WWII Vets free

Allied and Axis Uniformed Re-enactors
Authentic Camps and Equipment
Weapons Demonstrations
Battle between Allied and German Forces
Military Vehicles...
WWII Vendors

Author, Cynthia Sandor, will be showcasing her mother's original journal written when she was 13 years old and participating in the elite rural educational camp called "Country Service Year Camp" (Landjahr Lager). Her display will include her mother's original JM, BDM pins and patches, German Mother's Crosses in Bronze, Silver, and Gold, the bread bags and Rucksacks the BDM girls use to carry over their shoulders.

Currently, "Through Innocent Eyes - The Chosen Girls of the Hitler Youth" is being review for the Eric Hoffer Award.

Independent film company Distant Star Pictures is currently in the pre-production phase of making Ms. Sandor's book into a movie. Only a limited number of books will be available for sale at a 20% discount of $20.00 each.

Autographed and signed by the author, together with a bookmarker and commemorative stamp.

RSVP Here to reserve your copy today!

Author's Web Site Web Site  



Review:  Susan Gill - Dec. 19, 2016 - Amazon
"Before actually reading this book, I assumed I would be reading a sort of apologetic. Girl gets all carried away with Nationalistic pride and then comes to a startling revelation that what she was following was nothing short of text book evil. Surprisingly, however, the book is not that predictable. Far from deriding the activities of Bund Deutscher Mädel (League of German Girls) she allows us an unvarnished look at the optimistic and vigorous life of the feminine side of Hitler Youth. Cynthia Sandor, using the journals left behind by her mother Gertrude, recounts the innocent hopefulness her mother enacted while participating in the activities that had become standard fare for these young women. It is story that is largely innocent of the realities of that War. Gertrude is unaware of the atrocities Nazi German was enacting upon Jews. All she can see is the extra money that makes life easier for her mother and its provision by the Third Reich. Gertrude swells with national pride throughout the book and her enthusiasm for linking the natural world with her allegiance to Germany never wanes. The action of the story is exclusively in the countryside where the girls lead healthy and active lives learning the types of skills ignored generally by the mid 20th century world. The book is a fascinating primary source account of one girl's life within the Nazi regime. It is unique in its unapologetic stance towards Gertrude's exuberance , making it an indispensable source for historical inquiry."