Living History
September 17, 2009

Posted by BDMHistorian

I have received some fun and interesting feedback regarding professional historians who are also reenactors in my email after posting the entry below, and just want to share one in particular that came to me from Richard Killblane, the US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) command historian.

One of the fascinations with living history is the opportunity to meet others who share the same passion with that particular period of history. By doing living history, it forces many of us to do a greater level of research that we might not do if we just wanted to read a book.

Here are more living historians who are professional historians:

Doug Nash
US Military Academy class of 1980
Colonel (Retired)

Veteran of Bosnia and author of two books on the German Army during World War II. He reenacts a Corporal in some Volksgrenadier unit. He's been doing living history since I knew him at West Point.

David Steighan
Infantry Historian

Veteran of Desert Storm. He has been doing living history of all time periods for ages. He also serves as a consultant for documentary movies. He has a huge collection of weapons that are used in many documentary films.

Steven McGeorge
Lieutenant Colonel (retired)
Chief of Field History Program, TRADOC

He has been collecting and doing living history for the World War I time period since he was in high school.