FREE Autograph Book!
April 15, 2017

***WINNER - Elin T. Gottschalk **** 

FREE AUTOGRAPH BOOK! I will give a way a FREE autograph book anywhere in the world to the first person who places and nominates "Through Innocent Eyes - The Chosen Girls of the Hitler Youth" on the following Goodread's Biography Book List - there are 17 - Ready? Set? Let's go!

Best History Books
Best Memoir/Biography/Autobiography...
Best Women Author Books
Biography and Memoirs That Are Better Than Fiction
Best Biography
Must Read Non-Fiction
Best Non-Fiction War Books
Best WWII Fiction & Biography
Book is Great With A Love Story on the Side
Life In A Foreign Country
Most Interesting Books About Real People, Real Places and Real Events
Biographies of Ordinary People
Best Books by Florida Writers
Best Non-Fiction Book
Who's That Girl
Inspirational Women

Remember to use the updated cover with all the girls standing on the stairs. Already #1 on Goodread's Best Book on National Socialism. Thank you!