January 5 - Annual Traditional Glöcklerlauf
January 04, 2018

Jan 5th - Der Glöcklerlauf - On the 5th of January, the "Glöckler" walk from one door to another in the Salzkammergut. This is proper pagan-action and spectacular to watch. They are young men dressed up in white trousers and dress with large crest-hat decorations that are lit up from the inside. The "Glöckler" have bells on their belts and joints and perform dances. This was traditionally done to wake the seed in the soil and nature′s spirits. I can′t think of a justification the Catholic Church might have found for continuing with it, but pagan or not, it looks great! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rg1WlIHBQdQ